In real estate, the general rule is: if you need a tool to remove it, it’s part of the real estate.  This is why the light fixtures, installed appliances, shutters, & blinds, are all part of your real estate.

When you are selling your home, you need to specifically EXCLUDE any item you want to take with you, that requires a tool to remove.  If you have a special light fixture, for example, you need to state in advance of accepting an offer, that you are taking it with you.  Other examples of items assumed to be part of the real estate unless specifically excluded include: curtain rods, plantation shutters, mirrors (if mounted), appliances (range, & all that are built in).

Even better than listing an exclusion, I recommend you replace the item before you list your home.  If the dining room light is going with you, take it down now. Better to put up a replacement, than frustrate a deal, because a buyer falls in love with the light. 

With the advent of multiple wall-mounted TV’s, there is good reason to state in advance how these will be resolved at move-out. 

The removal of most TV brackets will leave a damaged wall.  If you try to touch up the paint after patching the bracket holes, you will likely end up with “spots”, and the buyer will want the entire wall repainted.  If you don’t have the right paint…this may end up affect the entire room?

I counsel sellers they have the following choices: 1) leave the bracket in place, after the TV is taken away; 2) patch the holes, and leave as is; 3) remove everything, and repaint as necessary.  The best thing to do is decide in advance which method works best for you, and communicate this early to the buyer. 

No one likes surprises in real estate transactions!  Taking the time to prepare in advance saves you from unnecessary stress and hassle.